1. No Dice

From the recording No Dice

Written by Chris Francis. Copyright 2023. Vocals performed and engineered by Dave Mikulskis.


Give me your time for just a heartbeat,
Open your mind to the new like a child,
Let your life take a backseat,
'Cause I bled too long for this song just to hear you don't need me,
Come on and sign up for the latest,
Get yourself a look behind the blinds,
You're the one, you know I made this,
All for you, yeah it's true, won't you say you believe me!

No Dice! No Dice!
'Cause I ain't got the time; no mornin', noon or night,
No dice! No dice!
Can't dance and I won't cry to what I'll never buy,
Oh baby, no dice.

To speak the mind is such a fine thing;
Damned if your walkin' shoes'll lose one stride,
For a blind prize; it all rings,
True to these ears but you don't know what you'll be leaving,
Have mercy on yourself, I'm pleading,
You need this feelin' like you can't believe,
There's no heart if it ain't bleeding,
And I'll blow the doors off of yours everyday now, believe me!