1. Young Too Long

From the recording Young Too Long

Written by Chris Francis. Copyright 2023. Vocals performed and engineered by Dave Mikulskis.


Kid Billy’s lookin’ pretty in the eye of his mind,
Says to his mama, “This I gotta do, now Mama don’t cry!,
I hear the city call, it’s lit me all its brightest lights.”
She said, “I won’t stand in your way but, Bill, come May you know you’re seventy-five,

"And it’s a high price to take from the innocent,
Heaven it knows how you’re feelin’ inside,
It’s the player that pays in the game of life,
‘Cause no-one was ever…

"Young too long,
Youth-gone-wild’s now…
Youth just ‘gone’,
No-one was young too long."

There goes Judy from the movies where they’re wild on the run,
Played the parts that broke the hearts in every mother’s son,
Now watch her take the casting call; her first since the work went away,
She says, “You’ve got yourself a leading girl,” ’n’ they go, “No, it’s the mother you’ll play.”