1. Oh (Mary Mary)

From the recording Oh (Mary Mary)

Written by Chris Francis. Copyright 2023. Vocals performed and engineered by Dave Mikulskis.


You're on my mind on the morning,
And all I find when I look there at noon,
At suppertime same story,
And nothing's brought by night if it don't bring you.

My talk is small but it's all you,
Though I don't know what you do or the places you've been,
Nor what they call when they call you,
But I know you gotta know what I mean when I say...

Oh Mary Mary, when you're not so very busy come around my way,
Oh little Leanne, won't you walk with me and maybe you can tell me your name.

If I try some names I ain't no worse off,
From Abigail to Yvette to Yvonne,
And you'll be slain by my cursive,
When I write then and again with each one,
And one'll be the magic letter,
Then you'll be my girl till the summer is gone,
When you'll be won by someone better,
Workin' all the lines like 'What's your name? Where you from?'


Old time won't wait for mine or your sake,
It's a stone crying shame not to make love out of these long lonely, lonely long days.