1. Mae's Eyes

From the recording Mae's Eyes

Written by Chris Francis. Copyright 2022. Vocals performed and engineered by Michael Kentish.


One day in Mae a heart begins to beat,
Then twenty years are gone and it's the one thing;
A shining secret that she couldn't keep,
And which to win the boys are throwing down tonight,
She used to dream that she would disappear,
Used to wish she didn't have to hear it,
But, 'no more', she said, ''cause life is here,
And I'm just living it somewhere, it seems...

(For Mae's eyes) the boys will fight tonight,
Because boys don't cry,
(For Mae's eyes) oh the boys will fight tonight',

Now she sees 'em live at Henry's Inn,
With the studs and sisters every Friday,
Sits in on Summertime Girls when she sings,
And the boys sing along to every line,
And every beer they buy, she sends 'em back,
And has to smile 'cause the guys don't read signs;
She'd rather be between April and June tonight, while the boys, they fight.

And whose reflection'll be in those eyes tonight?
Oh who's gonna keep the prize tonight,
When they all wanna know what lies behind Mae's Eyes?

Oh the boys will fight,
Yeah the boys know why tonight!