From the recording Days Of Dee DeVine

Written by Chris Francis. Copyright 2021. Vocals performed and engineered by Michael Kentish.


She asks me what's my name, and should she wear her hair up high?
She asks me what I'm doing for the rest of my life,
She asks me am I new here, what books and songs I like,
She's Dee DeVine, how do I do? I said, 'Dee DeVine...
It looks like I'm doing all right.'

She warms like whisky in the winter, in spring she's gin and solitaire,
And when summer comes a passing sun makes white wine of her hair,
She asks do I like autumn, 'cause she don't, not Dee DeVine,
And she can't recall what we've been doing all this time,
I said, 'then I guess we've been doing all right.'

'We're doing time, and that's all,' she said one day,
And Dee DeVine closed the door and flew away,

Now winter days are cold, and spring don't hold her cards or juniper,
And summer throws away the rays it made for her,
In things I've fallen, just not love,
Oh I doubt if I have smiled, nor, since time took from me the days of Dee DeVine,
Said that I'm doing all right.